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Paper Dolls
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Numbers - 2"
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Metallic A - C
Metallic D - R
Metallic S - Z
Borders & Jumbos
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Shapes A
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Shapes Ba - Be
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Felt Shapes New!

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Die Cut Shapes "N"

Quality scrapbooking supplies at a great price.  The drop-down screen gives you as many as fifteen color choices.  Click on the name to view the picture, which is next to rulers so that you can see the actual size.  All of our die cuts are made of acid-free, heavyweight cardstock paper.  We offer over 1,200 different diecut shapes, so have fun looking at all your options!

Necktie Large 20¢ ea
$1.50 doz
Needle & Thread Small 15¢ ea
$1.25 doz
Noah's Ark Large 20¢ Qty:
Noah's Ark w/ Ramp Large 20¢ Qty:
Noisemaker Large 20¢ Qty:
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Die Cuts:
Jumbo Theme Packs Metallic A - C Shapes Be - Bz Shapes I Shapes S - Sh
Large Theme Packs Metallic D - R Shapes C - Ca Shapes J Shapes Si - Sp
Premium Theme Packs Metallic S - Z Shapes Ch - Cl Shapes K Shapes Sq - Sz
Paper Dolls Borders & Jumbos Shapes Co - Cz Shapes L Shapes T - To
Letters - 1¼" Upper Words A - C Shapes D Shapes M Shapes Tr - Tz
Letters - 2" Upper Words D - L Shapes E Shapes N Shapes U
Letters - 2" Lower Words M - Y Shapes F - Fl Shapes O Shapes V
Numbers - 1¼" Shapes A Shapes Fo - Fz Shapes P - Pe Shapes W - Z
Numbers - 2" Shapes B - Ba Shapes G Shapes Pi - Pz
Numbers - 5" Shapes Ba - Be Shapes H Shapes Q - R
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