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Premium Themed Die Cuts New!

Here's a quick way to order themed die cuts at a great price.  Fourteen quality cardstock pieces for just $1.55 is only 11 cents each!  We also offer seven different word themes with eight words in each.  As a bonus, gorgeous metallic or adorable print cardstock papers are included if appropriate.  One click and you have enough die cuts to do several scrapbook pages!  

Baby Words  Pastels Baby Words including It's A Boy, It's A Girl, & So Cute 8 Pieces $1.55 Qty:
Boy  Blue Metallic Bicycle, Lizard, Snail, Boy Running, Boy w Cap, etc.  14 Pieces $1.55 Qty:
Carnival  Ferris Wheel, Clowns, Circus Tent, Word Fun, Carousel Horse, etc. 14 Pieces $1.55 Qty:
Christmas Words  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Santa, etc. 8 Pieces $1.55 Qty:
Fall  Turkeys, Leaves, Bare Tree, Rake & more 14 Pieces $1.55 Qty:
Family Words  Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa, Grandma, Sister, Brother, etc. 8 Pieces $1.55 Qty:
Favorites  A Little of Everything - Be Surprised! 14 Pieces $1.55 Qty:
Floral  Flowers and More Flowers 14 Pieces $1.55 Qty:
Fun Words  Vacation, Friends, SuperKid, Say Cheese, Oops, & more 8 Pieces $1.55 Qty:
Gardening  Rake, Garden Hose, Fern, Trellis, Hoe, Flower Pot, etc. 14 Pieces $1.55 Qty:
Girl  Girl w Pigtails, Telephone, Girl Running & more 14 Pieces $1.55 Qty:
Holiday Words  Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas, New Year, ... 8 Pieces $1.55 Qty:
Home  Bath Tub,  Ladder, Silver Tape Measure, House & more 14 Pieces $1.55 Qty:
Numbers  All 5" with Extra Zeros & Ones to Make Years 14 Pieces $1.55 Qty:
Party  Silver Word Party, Dancers, Champagne Glass & Bottle, Word Cheers & more 14 Pieces $1.55 Qty:
Pets  Dogs, Cats, Fish, Turtle, Frog, etc. 14 Pieces $1.55 Qty:
Popular Words  I Love You, Wedding, Recital, Go Team, etc. 8 Pieces $1.55 Qty:
Prom  Gold Metallic Dancers Swing, Words Prom, Fun & Wow, Treble Clef...  14 Pieces $1.55 Qty:
Spring  Green Metallic Leprechaun, Word Easter, Butterflies, Flowers & more 14 Pieces $1.55 Qty:
Texas  Yellow Rose, Texas, Cowboy, Cowboy Boot, Horseshoe... 14 Pieces $1.55 Qty:
Vehicles  Minivan, Car, Trucks, Limo, School Bus ... 14 Pieces $1.55 Qty:
Western  Silver Pistol, Cowboy, Horse, Indian Head, Coyote, etc. 14 Pieces $1.55 Qty:
Winter  Snowmen, Snowflakes, Mitten, Pinecone, Fireplace & more 14 Pieces $1.55 Qty:
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Die Cuts:
Jumbo Theme Packs Metallic A - C Shapes Be - Bz Shapes I Shapes S - Sh
Large Theme Packs Metallic D - R Shapes C - Ca Shapes J Shapes Si - Sp
Premium Theme Packs Metallic S - Z Shapes Ch - Cl Shapes K Shapes Sq - Sz
Paper Dolls Borders & Jumbos Shapes Co - Cz Shapes L Shapes T - To
Letters - 1¼" Upper Words A - C Shapes D Shapes M Shapes Tr - Tz
Letters - 2" Upper Words D - L Shapes E Shapes N Shapes U
Letters - 2" Lower Words M - Y Shapes F - Fl Shapes O Shapes V
Numbers - 1¼" Shapes A Shapes Fo - Fz Shapes P - Pe Shapes W - Z
Numbers - 2" Shapes B - Ba Shapes G Shapes Pi - Pz
Numbers - 5" Shapes Ba - Be Shapes H Shapes Q - R
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